The Oba'ese language (Oba'ese: Pilberahedesede sahnsijuahgede)is a conlang and main official language of the Oba Archipelago Republic. It is one of the three official languages in the OAR, and is considered a federal language of Khabaria.Despite not resembling English, it developed form English thus making it an Anglic language. 


Oba'ese is written in the Latin alpahbet, the alpahbet consists of 23 letters. 

Letter: A B D E F G H I IJ/Ÿ J K L N O P Q R Ŕ S U W Z Ź
IPA: ɑ b d e f g h i j k l n o p q ɹ ɾ s u v z ʒ

IJ and Ÿ can be used interchangably, however, IJ is used officially by the Federal Khabarian Government and the Oba'ese regional government. However, Ÿ is accepted as an alternative spelling of IJ.


Oba'ese has certain digraphs which make distinct sounds, however are not considered independent letters.

  • oe = /œ/
  • ae = /æ/

Oba'ese phrasesEdit

Oba'ese English
Aedesspil Hello
Sijpilpild ipilrnueŕnsij Good morning
Sijpilpild ahfratedernupilpilnu Good afternoon
Sijpilpild edevedeneŕnsij Good evening
Ilo nuahmede eŕs_______ My name is_______
Waahw eŕsijonunu lopiluw nuahmede? What is your name?
Apilw ahrede lopilji? How are you?
Eŕ ahi fraeŕnede I am fine
Eŕ seŕkede zeŕsijonunu I like pigs
Eŕ seŕkede źeahi I like jam

Exmaple paragraphEdit

Oba'ese English
 Wwedesvede wepileŕkoedesijonunu wederede sapiluweŕnsij eŕnu ahnsijedew, ahnd waedelo wederede ahss ahleŕkede. Nupil euedesteŕonu, nupilw, waahw aahd aahzzedeneded wpil waede fraahkoedesijonunu pilfra waede zeŕsijsijonunu. waede koredeahwuwedesijonunu piluwseŕdede spilpilkeded frarpili zeŕsij wpil iahnu, ahnd frarpili iahnu wpil zeŕsij, ahnd frarpili zeŕsij wpil iahnu ahgaheŕnu; beruw ahsredeahdlo eŕw wahsijonunu eŕippilsseŕberlede wpil sahlo waikoa wahsijonunu waikoa. Twelve voices were shouting in anger, and they were all alike. No question, now, what had happened to the faces of the pigs. The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again; but already it was impossible to say which was which.