Gombe Town Centre Crisis
Date: 6th August 2013
Place: Turkey/Gömbe

Flag of Turkey Turkey

  • Gandarma
Gombeseflag Gömbese men
2 5


  • Gandarma (military police) victory.
  • Creation of Gömbe People's Republic.

The Gombe Town Centre Crisis was a small dispute which followed up to the creation Gömbe People's Republic.

The CrisisEdit

A group of Gömbese men were stopped by two Gandarma (military police). The men started arguing with one of the Gandarma officers so the other shot a gun in the air. A fight almost broke out and the Gömbese men knew they would lose so they payed their penalty and fled. Hasan Çakar, an observer, knew this was a breach of Turkish military/police law and an act against the Gömbese people. He declared Gömbe's independent the day after.

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